Browser Support

Current active support

The following browsers have been confirmed to be able to play MP3 files with an embedded player on the screen without display corruption when browsing this site. We recommend their latest versions.

  • Microsoft Edge 14 or later
  • Google Chrome 49 or later
  • Mozilla Firefox 50 or later
  • Safari 10 or later
  • iOS Safari: iOS 9 or later
  • Android Browser: Android 4.4.4 or later

It may be possible to view this site with browsers other than those listed above, but the display may differ from that originally intended.

We have confirmed that Microsoft Internet Explorer cannot display the contents of this site properly, so we cannot support it.

(For web frontend professionals)
Technologies that are responsible for limiting the recommended browsers can be found on the external site “Can I use…” to see the range of supported technologies.

Audio file playback

All of the above supported browsers can listen to and play audio files provided by this site in MP3 format.

For some songs, we provide audio files in Ogg Vorbis and M4A formats for downloading, but currently we are not providing the user interface to playback them directly in the browser.

These are intended to be used for specific purposes such as game development, and the content and sound quality are almost the same as the MP3 format.

MIDI sequence file playback

In the past, this site was designed to play MIDI files using a player embedded in the browser. However, due to changes in browser and OS specifications, we are no longer able to support this feature.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but we ask that you use an application for music playback.

Windows PC/Mac

Players that have their own sound fonts, such as Timidity++ is recommended.

Download the MIDI file from this site, and play it in your player software.


If you are using iOS, the App MidiOnStage is available, though not fully supported the MIDI controls we specified.

Please use the menu that appears when you download a file to send the file by specifying the application.


On Android, it should be played using a combination of the MIDI Player app and SoundFont. This has not been tested since I do not have any Android devices. Please let me know if you have an application that can play our MIDI files successfully.

Why we can no longer support playback of MIDI files on the browsers

Recent operating systems no longer support the functionality needed to play MIDI files with a normal installation, requiring specialized knowledge or music software to play it.

As of 2023, since more than 80% of our site visitors already use computers and smartphones that do not support MIDI format playback, we will focus on distribution in audio formats other than MIDI.