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Usage Consultation Form
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  • If you would like to use the products of this site for business purpose under the terms and conditions that may be subject to a fee, please use this form to contact us as well.

    Paid support work:

    Support services such as loudness adjustment for specific applications may be available for a fee, depending on the time frame, duration, and the details of your request.

    Please provide as much detail as possible regarding the following:

    • Reason for your inquiry

    • Detailed description of your usage

    • Planned date and period

    • The titles of music that you want to use

    Old Songs Re-recording Request Form
    • We will consider the arrangement details for re-recording audio versions of older pieces that have been released only in MIDI format, based on your requests.
    • When we make a new recording, we basically review the performance again, so the instrumentation of the original piece may be updated, or even the tempo may change.

      For requests received on this form, we will synthesize your comments and follow the most agreeable request. There is no guarantee that individual requests will be fulfilled.

      General Contact
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        After reviewing the request or the question we have received, in case we find that it should be publicly announced, we will inform you of the result as an article on this site rather than as an individual reply.