27th anniversary, and prospects for content additions

Today marks the 27th anniversary of the launch of this website.

Thank you for your continued support.

Although we managed to rebuild the site from the ground up last year, much of the content we had announced was left behind. We had also announced plans to add new musical content last year, but due to the effects of my day job becoming more demanding as of last March, I had to put my personal plans on hold for the time being.

This year, too, I was unable to add content on the anniversary date. I apologize for not living up to your expectations.

As you may know from X (formerly Twitter) and other sources, I have had a complete medical and surgical breakdown since December 2023. Due to problems with my autonomic nervous system and cervical spine, it is difficult for me to work on a PC or play a musical instrument for long periods of time, and I am focusing on treatment and rehabilitation first.

I would like to inform you about the current outlook of the roadmap of this website. I cannot promise a specific date, so I can only give you the priorities.

Progress on new song

Since the beginning of the year, I have been aiming to release the first new song in 22 years of this website on February 13, but I could not make it. Since the song reflects my current situation, I would like to make this my first priority for release now.

Adding songs not released on the Internet

By the end of this year, I may add remixed and remastered soundtracks of songs that were released for independent music circles in the 1990s.

Providing audio recordings of old songs

Based on the progress of the recording and audio conversion, it looks like I can release them in the following order. As a rough guide, please consider the Blue Moon series to be released together when the first new song is added, and the Days of Children series to be released when the next new song is added.

  • Blue Moon #0 “Sunday: the Sequel to the Dream”
  • Blue Moon #1 “Monday: the Immorality”
  • Blue Moon #2 “Tuesday: the Enjoyment”
  • Blue Moon #3 “Wednesday: the Solitude”
  • Blue Moon #4 “Thursday: the Silence”
  • Blue Moon #5 “Friday: the Blackout”
  • Blue Moon #6 “Saturday: the Burial”
  • Days of Children #1
  • Days of Children #2
  • Days of Children #3
  • Snow #0 “Desparate”
  • Snow #2 “A Thaw”
  • Snow #3 “First Snow”
  • Snow #4 “Frozen to Death”
  • Snow #5 “Sharp Icicle”
  • Recovery 1998
  • Nocturne 1126
  • Dancers #1
  • Dancers #2
  • Dancers #3
  • Dancers #4
  • Dancers #5
  • Dancers #6
  • Dancers #7
  • Meditation #1
  • Meditation #2