Estimated time of next music addition

I, Koji KUSANAGI, was sick for two weeks after the renewal site went live.

After I recovered, I started working on this year’s tax return and am still working on it. I have not yet gotten around to correcting and reworking the songs that were candidates for the initial release but were left in the backlog because they contained noise.

Now I expect to resume reworking the audio and recording new songs in mid-March.

I have 25 songs in progress that I am fixing, and as I have previously stated, I will be releasing additional songs in batches, interspersed with new and unreleased songs.

I have received several audio recording requests from the “Old Songs Re-recording Request Form”. Thank you very much.

For now, based on your comments, I plan to do the following.

Recovery 1998We have received requests for the MIDI version to be almost the same as the original.
It seems that many people want an audio version of these piano-centered pieces because they want to hear them with reverb and other atmospheric elements.
Since simple piano-centered pieces are not recklessly time-consuming, I would like to make them the next priority after the 25 pieces we are currently working on.
Where the Wind Blows, Selene (woodwind-string ensemble version)The request was to make it sound like live instruments.

Personally, I really like these two songs and would love to do them, but there are so many instruments that recording them with live instruments and realistic sound samples would take months alone.
I am sorry, but please put this on hold for now!
You Tell LiesThe request was to make it sound like live instruments.

I am sorry, but as I mentioned on the song page, I will not be able to make an audio version of this song.
The version that I remade with the band members during our band days is the finished product in my opinion, and the reason is that I personally do not want to perform this version. Also, the master recording of the remake version is in the possession of a band member who has not been contacted in the 23 years since the band broke up, and it is not possible to process the copyrights for distribution, so I cannot post it here.
Close Your EyesThe request was to make it sound like live instruments.

This is a short song with only a few instruments, and the instrumentation of the MIDI version was almost exactly the same as when I played it with the band, so I would like to schedule it at a higher priority. There will be an opportunity to add vocals.
If Only I Had Realized EarlierThe request was to make it sound like live instruments.

The introductory part of this song was well received, but I cannot give it much priority because I feel that the composition and arrangement of the bridge and guitar solo are not good by my standards as of 2023. It would take a long time to recreate it, if ever.
Nocturne 1126Since the number of instruments is small and seems to be getting ready fairly quickly, we would like to make this the next priority after the 25 songs we are currently working on.
Series: MixtureThe request was to make it sound like live instruments.

From the standpoint of “how I would have originally intended to play the song if I had access to live instruments”, I will start recording the guitar and bass in the way I was playing them live at the time.
However, it is expected to take some time (due to my skills) to record, mix, and master this type of music with live instruments. So for the time being, I may release a remastered version of the sound played on the MU90 to make it as vivid as possible.