Some music files cannot be played

Some of the music files distributed on this site are in formats that cannot be played properly on many browsers for computers and smartphones released after 2012.

Songs released from 1997 to 2002 were originally released in MIDI format. This format was designed to distribute “scores only” rather than “audio waveforms themselves”, and its ability to express music in a smaller file size than the audio itself suited the Internet situation at the time.

In the past, MIDI-compatible software synthesizers were included as part of the operating system or as browser plug-ins, and it was possible to play MIDI-formatted music with them. However, Windows 8 and later and Mac OS 10.6 and later no longer allow playback of MIDI files in browsers by default. The same applies to newer iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Although we have not been able to fully verify this, you may be able to play music in MIDI format using the method described on the Browser Support – MIDI Sequence File Playback page.

We are proceeding with the re-recording of files distributed only in MIDI format in MP3 format, starting with those that have been highly requested. Please send us your requests using the Old Songs Re-recording Request Form.