26 years anniversary, and renewal

The site celebrates its 26th anniversary.

After many years, I am pleased to announce that the new site is now available in beta release today.

I am not able to realize all of the content that I had announced a year ago, but able to get to this point.

  • Redesigned the site from scratch and reorganized better page structure.
    • Supports display on smartphones.
    • Supports HTTPS encrypted connection.
    • Started providing the English version of the site, although it is still incomplete.
  • MP3 versions of some of the songs (about 15 songs) that were previously posted on the site are now available. You can now listen to the music using a smartphone browser as well.

Even with my greatest efforts, I am not able to do the following in time for what I had previously announced.

  • Number of MP3 files: The day before this release, many files were found to have noise depending on the playback environment, so I could not correct them in time. As soon as they are corrected, they will be added to the site.
  • New songs: New songs and previously unreleased songs, that were scheduled to be posted on the site, were also found to have noise. Their release were also postponed.
  • YouTube Video: I am still working on this, as other users have posted my songs on YouTube.

Anyway, we have at least completed the mechanism to display the information of the registered songs on the backend and to allow listening and downloading of MP3s in the browser. All that remains is to add songs. We will keep you updated on the status of new songs through our Twitter account (@nerve_k2works).

From now on, I will only update the new site. Please let me know as soon as possible if there are any problems, such as songs not playing or displaying incorrectly.

Thank you for your continued support.