Can I use songs distributed on this site as background music for a game software?

Yes, it can be used as background music or sound effects for any content game/scenario.

In most cases, there is no charge for this service.

There are almost no restrictions on “personal” and “non-commercial” use, but we do require credit for other use cases. Please check the latest Terms of Use before using before using the music files distributed on this site.

Depending on your cases or your situation, you may change the audio format, cut portions of the audio, adjust the volume, mix sound effects, or make other edits.

If any of the following conditions apply to you, we may charge you a fee. Please contact us in advance using the Usage Consultation Form.

  1. You are an individual or company commissioned by a client to create a game software scenario for a fee, and you wish to use the songs distributed on this site as part of that work.
    • Use in game software for consumer game consoles and arcade games falls into this category.
  2. If a game soundtrack collection is sold for a fee as a separate product from the game itself.