What is your contact email address?

The contact e-mail address for this site is not publicly available. Please use the Contact mail form to contact us or ask questions.

For many years, I made the k2works.com email address public for contact purposes, making our email address available to anyone on the Internet. As a result, I continue to receive hundreds to thousands of SPAM emails every day. The sheer volume of junk mail made it very difficult for me to notice incoming mail, even when I received mail that required a response. So I decided to stop making the email addresses available to the public.

Depending on the content of your request in the mail form, you will receive an email reply from a private email address with one of the following domains: k2.works, nerve-noise.space, or gmail.com.

If you don’t mind communicating in public, the quickest way to get in touch with us is through our Twitter account: