Can I use the songs distributed on this site for background music for a play, stage performance, or concert?

Yes, it can be used as background music for any theatrical or stage performance of any content.

In most cases, there is no charge.

There are almost no restrictions on “personal” and “non-commercial” use. There are also no restrictions on use for “school or educational activities” as described below, as well as “personal” and “non-commercial” use.

  • Drama and musical club activities of elementary, junior high, and high schools, as well as their outside performances and competitions.
  • Performances and competitions by student theater troupes at universities, etc.
  • Kindergarten and nursery school performances by children, and piano performances by teachers.

However, we do require credit for use cases on business. Please check the latest Terms of Use before using the music files distributed on this site.

Depending on your cases or your situation, you may change the audio format, cut portions of the audio, adjust the volume, mix sound effects, or make other edits.

If any of the following conditions apply to you, we may charge you a fee. Please contact us in advance using the Usage Consultation Form.

  1. If you are a corporation or individual whose business is to hold events and who earns revenue from ticket sales, and if you use the songs distributed on this site as background music for a theatrical or stage performance you are hosting, and it is impossible to credit this site on your brochure, printed materials, or official website